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“Hi Carol,
I would like to thank you for coming out to the Marengo Bank last Wednesday and for presenting your seminar on dealing with Medicare and its changes. People are so ill informed because they are afraid of change and how they need to handle it. I think you need to be a rocket scientist to figure out all the paperwork and information that is given to you. You handled my clients very nicely and I am sure they walked away with more than they walked in with. It’s all so confusing and you made it easier to understand.
Thank you again for your help and understanding of the system. I have your number and email address and would like very much to be able to call you again next year for another seminar. By that time many more items will have changed and I am sure there will be more of my clients that are reaching that golden age of retirement.
Thank you Carol, your service has been greatly appreciated. Good luck in Chicago.”

- Carol Cherry Insurance Broker Client

Thank you for meeting with me on Wednesday. I have to say reaching 65 is a little overwhelming and I am so glad I have someone I trust to guide me through this paperwork!”

- Carol Cherry Insurance Broker Client

“Carol, Thank you for your assistance in this. It made the process so much easier.”

- Carol Cherry Insurance Broker Client

I know I appreciated your help and you are a special person. If you have business cards, I would love to pass a few on. I will leave my address below and when you get a chance you can mail me some. I have a couple people in mind.”

- Carol Cherry Insurance Broker Client

“Hi Carol,
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how so very grateful I am for your help. AFLAC deposited some funds into my account Which I wouldn’t have been able to process without you. It is also very important to me that I write a positive review to the website of your choice (Google, Aflac, etc) So that I can share my positive experience. I know I didn’t buy any policies from you and that’s how you make your bread and butter so I was hoping a review could be the next best thing. Is there one that you would prefer?
Thanks again and let me know when you can.”

- Dan Lieving, Aflac Customer

“Hi Carol,
Just a little something for you to enjoy for all your hard work. I appreciated it. I appreciated you. Thanks Again.
God Bless you Carol,”

- Julie McCormick

“Carol, I am so excited that you stopped by my office today! Thank you! We will speak before April 10th. I'm sure, but I'm excited about our meeting coming up!”

- Vickie

“Where's Earth, Wind, and Fire when you need them. Just received a check from Aflac for $918. You're a superstar. Thank you.”

- Thadis

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