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Five Ways Walking Daily Can Change Your Life

The Center for Disease Control recommends taking 10,000 steps per day to maintain good health. This is the equivalent of about five miles, but the average American only takes about 3,000 to 4,000 steps or […]

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Small Business Owners: What Kind of Insurance Should You Offer to Employees? 

Understanding what types of insurance to offer your small business’s employees can feel like a challenge. However, this is a great problem to have! It means you as the owner have done a wonderful job […]

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What Insurance You Need When Adding a New Member to the Family

If your family has grown recently, congratulations! This is a very exciting time. You want to do the best for your family, and that means enrolling them in your insurance benefits as soon as possible. […]

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How Medicare Helps Cover Prescription Drugs 

Medicare consists of four different parts: Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C), and Medicare Prescription Drugs (Part D). Part D is what we will mainly be focusing on today. This part […]

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Seven Ways to Make Dental Health Fun for Kids

Cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases affecting children today, but the good news is they are almost completely preventable. According to the Center for Disease Control, about one-third of all cavities can […]

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What to Do When You Have a Short-Term Injury 

It is a common misconception that disability insurance provides financial support for all costs that may arise relating to your injury or illness. What disability insurance actually covers is the income you will lose while […]

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The Importance of Mental Health in 2021 

Since the start of the COViD-19 pandemic to 2021, we’ve seen an increase of mental health awareness in adults. Mental health has been a prominent topic over the past few months. In America alone, 19% (47.1 million) of […]

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How Alcohol Affects Your Body Over Time

Alcohol has many effects on the body, both short and long-term. While an occasional beer at a sporting event or glass of wine at dinner is not a cause for worry, prolonged consumption can lead […]

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Seasonal Sun Safety

As the days grow longer and warmer, you may find yourself soaking in the sunshine for a few more hours each day. This has many health benefits from improving your mood to increasing your vitamin […]

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 Long Lasting Effects of E-Cigarettes 

A few years ago, E-cigarettes were shown off to the public as a safe and less addicting alternative to traditional cigarettes. These alternatives have been exposed in recent times as posing many significant health risks to young people across the […]

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